Play by Play

I couldn’t care less about football. Literally. I tried once, to care less, and was utterly unable to do so. But these games are apparently often played on Sundays. And about those I care deeply.

Lately there has been something missing on Sundays, but God has a way of bringing things around . . .

And I found out it’s Super Bowl Sunday. That means snacks for eating during the commercials, and I have plenty of chores to do during the game. Don’t get me wrong here. Through high school and college I never missed a single football game. I was in the band and required to be there. And drummers get to see a lot of action at these games, especially in high school.

So, while looking for snacks to buy, I found a new item: almond butter encased in dark chocolate. Nearly perfect, although I would prefer much more almond there. BUT, the little squares in a bar shape were wrapped in an elegant package, and when I unwrapped it to taste one square, I found this printed inside:


Well, that is nice . . . something I could have written myself.

Oh, and the game has started and the best commercial so far is this one:

I decided years ago when I tried to care less, but could not, that if I sort of had to participate in the debacle of professional sports viewing, I would do it with a nod to being a part of something bigger than myself and label it a cultural event. And, I would cheer in my quiet way for a team that had an animal as a mascot. Yea, this year there are eagles, so it has worked out. And, well, I must say that the Eagles are kicking it, even through all of the padding that those guys wear.

At half time it is Eagles 22 and the other team 12.

Almonds 1.

Chocolate 1.

God One.

What a game!