Hear My Prayer II

I prayed Hear My Prayer, both of them, earnestly and honestly.

And there it was in my mail truck this morning: one almond, dead center in the seat of a locked truck in a secure lot, property of the U.S. government. I have driven that truck ten days running now, and I had checked it, cleaned it, and locked it the night before, after I slid off that seat at the end of a hard day. But there it was.

Thank you God, for that taste of your love.

When you breathe the breath of life
Everything will be alright

And then after work, after another long day, not so hard but so busy, as I headed back to the station I heard it on the radio. The announcer said, “And now a piece that evokes water so beautifully but not overtly literally, my favorite”, and then he played this:

Just a little water, please.
Thank you God, for that sip of your wonder.

One thought on “Hear My Prayer II

  1. Wow – I just listened to this as I began my work day. What a lovely and wonderful musical experience. Thank you for sharing! I believe I will listen once more.


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