Shabbat Shalom

You may call it anything, but it is what it is.

To me, it is the Beauty of the Eternal. And we can–now–experience it. As we are able and as needed and upon fervent request and from a true heart’s desire, it is ours. And be still my heart, because even in dim reflection it is too wonderful to linger for long. We haven’t the capacity to live in it, but we can live within it.

The lightest touch, just a scent, the most faint whisper brings a peace of heaven to me. It comes especially on a true sabbath, one that I have every five weeks. It is one day of seven, a mystical cycle of seven given by our creator, and this one day given by our sustainer.

The word, שַׁבָּת, is more a cessation, a stopping that can become a rest. It is a stepping away from the day-to-day, and a resting in the eternal. But for now, only for a time.

Remember the sabbath and keep it holy.

And so I do, having stepped away from daily duty at sunset last night, and continuing into today as dawn approaches, slowly at the speed of light. No noise today, I simply will not hear it. No work today, I simply won’t do it.

I will rest in what I know to be true.

Forever reaches now in a moment . . .

The sound? It is not a language. Even Latin cannot communicate the gloria of any but a muted reflected sound. So it is sometimes brought to us by angels dressed as children and singing soul syllables in no known tongue.

The sight? All of Beauty resides in another realm, yet I’ve caught many a glimpse as she passes before me.

I’ve witnessed Beauty in my space

Never adorned with silk and lace

But clothed in kindness, wearing grace

The sight of her was scarcely sought

Priceless paid, she can’t be bought

And then she smiles. I’ve lost my thought!

Where was I? I never knew

How or why or when or who

Except in moments . . .

I see you.

Shabbat Shalom, 20 January 2018