Partly Cloudy? Partly Sunny?

Which is it for you? For me? Does the road ahead lead off the edge into a storm? Or does it lead into wonder, beyond that horizon, and then keep going?

It is yet a pathway into the unknown, but I am going there.

May your kingdom come.

Let your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven . . .

A pure prayer, repeated by nothing close to purity, still in faith, is heard by the One who makes all paths straight.

The road does continue–far into the never-end. And on the way, there is a delightful place for a garden that I caught a glimpse of once. It needs our help.

Fear encounters faith.

Asking becomes expecting becomes an answer.

A thing with feathers becomes a bird in the hand.

Frances Havergal meets Karl Jenkins.

Photography and Text © 2017, Timothy Waugh