Like a Mountain

The exquisitely painfully patient sublimity of calm restraint.

A single step, slow and sure, on a pathway so steep it ascends to the stars. A second step, and a third.

A pinpoint of light, the laser focus of a sniper’s sight on a person, not prey.

Repetitions, stated but once, buried in a line under the earth of words.

A stack of stones, hither-by-thy-help, basking in the shade beside a brook.

A whispered shush of sound, a mirage of melody, made manifest.

Gratitude in the green grass, growing wild.

Sweet subtle serenity of senses. Strength. A sparrow soaring in the sky.

The intertwining of trees, their right bends reaching twisting turning weaving wending merging melding, yet remaining rooted.

It is always enough, and there is always more . . .

Like a mountain, at the first light of dawn in this new year.