Switching Routes: Addendum


20 December

Rarely, maybe only once, but it does happen:

I am adding to a post, the one called Switching Routes; I am switching the name of a route; and I did it again, switched routes.

The addendum comprises three points:

  • The book and tapestry are real. You know that already. I don’t make any of this up; I simply write about what is there, cover what I see in WaughPaper. After all of yesterday, today was more of it. A book, it was a continuous flow of ink. A tapestry, it was a seamless strand of silk. The music was curated by an angel, and the music itself proclaimed that toward sunset.
  • I have renamed my Jesus route, route 71, to Salvation. All along, I have felt that I had not quite captured it in a name. And that, of course, is just like him to keep quiet about it. His name was quite common at the time, but it did have a meaning: it is the Latinized version of the Greek form of the Hebrew word for “God saves.” So, it makes sense that there was more to the route than I had ascribed. Word, light, door, shepherd, bread, and many others do not capture it. They are kinds of images, good images, but not quite the reality. And there has been much more on route 71 than I have covered. This morning, as I was getting ready for work and after prayer, it came to me. The name was, in that way, switched for me as an answered prayer. Salvation comes much closer to accurately describing the route, and it is now done. Salvation is final (more about that on Christmas Eve). It is renewed and brought sweetly in moments and in revelations and in continuous creation, but it is done.
  • I switched routes again, twice. And, again, it was in answer to prayer. I did pray about that post that I called “Switching Routes”, and I asked for some kind of confirmation of it. You could call it asking for a sign, but we can expect these things, so I simply asked God to make it okay. Anyway, my phone dinged with a text alert as I sat in my chair this morning before work, while praying. MAX was disrupted and significant delays were expected, and I would need to make other plans, to switch my route. The destination would be the same, work at USPS, but I’d have to take a bus. And the 99 is the only one that gets close, so I left early and walked a little farther, and waited at the stop for the 99. After I had waited there for a relatively short time, I saw–two blocks away, but too far to backtrack to my usual MAX stop in time–my daily Orange line just going right down its tracks, on schedule. But, I was now committed to a different route. So, dang, God, how do you do this? I don’t even need to know the answer; I just know that you do. So, later when I got to work by a different transit route, I started on mail route 71, now called Salvation. And it was perfect. I loved the new way of seeing this mostly sketchy set of addresses, and it is one where I have said before somewhere, and it is true, that from the beginning of this route you can see the end. The alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end, a steady flow of continuous ink, a loop of silk in a tapestry. And there is more, because before I left, I once again gave my times as around 9:30 and 4:00 p.m. and I was given a section of another route to help on after I finished Salvation, (because, you know, it is finished already}. I went to the large cart where the section was stacked and looked at it before loading it into my truck. So, later when I was done with one, I would switch to the other section of route. It was Home to Harmony, precisely where I had ended the day before.

That is it for the addendum. The song is by a group called Steve. They were a British Christian Music group who were quite comfortable with the genre label. They have long since disbanded, and you can’t find their music very easily at all, even on YouTube, Spotify, or Amazon, maybe just a song or two. Get their CD, Falling Down, if you ever find it. I have had mine for almost 17 years now.

God’s gracious gifts just keep coming, and I will try to cover what I see.

This song, “Fine”,  is how I say thank you . . .

22 December

P.S. I didn’t post the addendum until now because I am not even sure why exactly. Waiting seemed better.

And now here is a postscript to that addendum to a post called Switching Routes that started with talking about words and threads and continuous . . . is that even allowed? Isn’t there a law or something that prevents or discourages all of this interconnected flow of ink and silk? Can all that we think we know be barely a glimpse?

Yes. I mean no, there is no such law. And yes, the flow is real, and even the glimpse is glory. And being connected is good, even at root level like trees, and it all comes from a gracious Father God who is beyond One.

Yesterday, I was on route Gratitude. I stopped briefly and prayed a certain prayer. Specific and sure, but I sometimes wonder. Started again, turned a corner, there was a rabbit in the grass. I stopped, walked right up to it, and only when I got back in my truck did it hop away. Started again, left the rabbit and turned another corner into Hunter Court . . .

Thank you again, great spirit God.

And thank you angel curator of beautiful joy music, too, for a daily dose.