A Vacation of Days

It’s the last day of vacation. Two weeks of a Sabbath of many days, filled to overflowing with wonder. Too much really, to take in, I have just let it flow through. And this last day, it flows. Right now, listening to Venus Hum, this: http://www.venushum.com/latest, “Springtime #2 Remodeled” and then the Blue Cranes, this: http://bluecranes.bandcamp.com/album/lift-music-flown-music “Returning to Portland”, I reflect, but only in a mirror.

I flew away, and then returned, to home and a coming home, and Father was With, is With, and oh my God, My God and Yours, is too kind, too generous, too Loving for this life. So, we can but reflect it all, upon it all, and let it flow. And that is it: Love Him and love others. That is my only purpose, my only plan, the only play in which I have a part.

Dear reader, we are all in the same Play, characters in the same Story, and it is no act. It is life, our present reality, and I am grateful for that casting call–remember yours?–when we were all given our parts. Roles? No, we were given our selves, just as we are, and are becoming. Authentic, honest, gritty and beautiful, all at once in each moment of each hour in a day.

Be blessed this day, and live and love with me, this day. It’s the last day of vacation, but it is just another beginning to the journey.