Daily Bread

Em-i-ly, she told it slant

But when I speak, I really can’t

Truth be told, what can I say

But trust and cast the doubt away

Only then does Father show

Unto our eyes what true hearts know:

That what’s the Matter of this sphere

If slowly dying is our fear

When all around us ever living

Spirit holy presence giving

All to each a rev’rent spring

Freely flowing Everything

Wearing smooth our fleshly rasp

In our hands within our grasp

And far beyond our wildest thought

The richest wonder we have sought

Love untethered from its source

Without compulsion, never force

Acceptance, just as I am me

And always in eternity

Never started, never ends

The joy of like-minded friends

Who walk along the higher way

And travel hand in hand each day

This our prayer, our daily bread

Take us home, both heart and head

Paying forward, passing back

Sufficiency, there is no lack

Walk in Love, be ever giving

One and two and three keep living

Into now and through the story

Never-ending ceaseless Glory