Your love like a river. As a river. IS A RIVER.

Never still, calm yes, but never not in motion, unbound in time, it always travels All Ways.

Every river leads to the sea . . .

Sand on one shallow side, pebbles and rocks, boulders, a cliff!!! on the other, this flow once cut through the same stone, and how can this be, that there are two sides to one flow? Deep, deep, in the center. Mid stream, dear God, the current, the pathway . . .

Flowing . . .

Sacrificial. A damn dam.

Love flows, over the top, around the sides and finds a way. Becomes the way.

A cascade.

A Rush!

Falling water, unstoppable.

Gentle quiet, a brook, narrow enough to cross, small yet infinitely changing chaos theory rivulets flowing between, but sometimes over (what tiny quantum-level forces change that flow?) the non-obstacles of twig, leaf, rock, green growth, animals, tiny life in motion. Yes, between or over, and then . . . a God surprise of both!


This force of your love, a force flowing, never forced!


I don’t know, but I’m in tow, and off I go, so and so, to and fro, and sometimes no.

But, No! to no.

I have to know!


God, let it flow . . .