Eternal Whisper

I am listening right now to Charles Dutoit and the Montreal Symphony, Holst again. The Planets, music so so evocative.
During my mailman route yesterday this same music was not as it is to me now. For one thing it was some British orchestra, I think. And it came from a radio I keep on the dash of a filthy mail truck.
But this, this is my old recording of Dutoit, recorded in a church, and I know every subtle nuance, dynamic variation, and through headphones in a silent room, each intimate detail.
As it happens, it is late at night or WAY before dawn, and I am studying the Torah. I am in Genesis chapter 1, reading, and out in space, listening.

Formerly, I saw God breaking into chaos, a sweeping, cataclysmic display (for whom/what?) of power. “Mars the Bringer of War”!
But now, with Torah beside me in bed, by chance (what is chance?), I began reading again from the beginning of Genesis with “Venus, the Bringer of Peace” in my head, and it makes all the difference. I see God’s breeze, hovering over, not breaking into, the face of the deep waters. How long, that hovering, with no time and no where else to be? But, at a point in non-time, he intitaties another action: He speaks.
Did he Mars shout?
Or did he do something like Venus, calmly, quietly, with absolutely nothing to prove, perhaps even in whispered breath, say, “Let there be . . .”?
His Love could be the only motivation or action emanating from his wholeness, his holiness. Otherwise, why bother? It was love, for love, because of love, and in love. So, for me now, he whispered it. If a God speaks in the void, and there’s no one around to hear . . .
So, as a lover whispers into the ear of his beloved, God causes to be. His whisss-pered breath causes Light. And then he . . . what? Steps back? After Light became, he “saw” — a transitive verb requiring an object. He is therefore outside that which is made, or more accurately light’s being is within his being, but his Being being independent of it, and beyond all to come into being.
I’m repeating repetitions and just being.
I. Am . . . being.
So, God saw the light, that it was good.
And, I see a lover, after the whisper, moving away slightly in order to see the effect of his voice on his beloved. Will she smile? Yes, it was good.
A smile, two smiles.
Let’s make it three. The creator was, and now they are . . .
And not in the darkness, but boldly, in the Light.