We are going to make it, aren’t we?

It’s a true sabbath for me.  It happens only once each five weeks because of my rotating schedule with USPS. But once each year, I get two true sabbaths in a row because of vacation. This is the first of the two. And, these days, God continues to create while we break away, cease, on our sabbath. See Sabbath Prayer elsewhere on Waugh Paper for what God does through an entire week, but in a few minutes, within a half-kilometer circle, in Portland, OR, and only through the eyes of one simple guy named Timothy.
Just imagine, what he is creating, all ways, every where, any time . . .
Thus, today I met this guy.
He said tomorrow is my birthday and I turn 21. My twin brother and I thought we would never make it this far. We have had all kinds of trials, sicknesses, conditions that can’t really be treated, maybe like a curse, etc. I said happy birthday, I think you both are going to make it to 21, and he said thanks . . .
I’m Timothy, what’s your name?
Eyob is my name. Nice, I said, can you spell that? EYOB. Cool, ok see you again, I’m fairly sure.
So, I’m walking and there is something about his name that . . . and then I thought . . . could it be? And then I looked it up, and then . . . yep.
His name is Job.
Shabbat Shalom